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Fakini is a high-end apartment building company from Croatia.


At a glance, a sleek and simple project oriented homepage makes the Fakini vision clear. It is all about modern and high quality apartment buildings, taking advantage of the latest technology and innovation in building construction and interior design.

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Project details

Being that apartments are sold before they are even constructed, it is crucial that potential buyers completely understand the layout and all the features and benefits of each apartment. Detailed ground plans and navigation through floors provide just that. Of course, the sheer data wouldn't be enough for a convincing sale, so the ultra realistic renders definitely leave no space for hesitation.

Apartments list

Responsive design


Each apartment is built upon 5 basic characteristics which convey the company's building philosophy. While the rest of the website contains renders, we decided that the philosophy is best portrayed by nice and elegant illustrations which functionally demonstrate the characteristics but leave space for personal imagination of how they would be utilized in their own apartment.

Illustration1 Illustration2

Final thoughts

High end apartments often come at a costly premium. But it is the attention to detail throughout each stage of the development that warrant this premium for potential buyers. Modern and elegant just like the apartments, the website fluidly combines high quality renders and illustrations to portray a wonderful home worth the premium.

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Fakini is a high-end apartment building company from Croatia.

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