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About us

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Meet north2

A supersmall studio with a programmer's brain and a creative heart.

We are an unusual bunch of creatives who share one vision - making websites that stand out of the many. We enjoy stepping out of our comfort zone and delivering something new and unseen.


Director / Project manager

Founder and leader of north2. He navigates this creative factory through rough seas of boring websites. He is an extremely peaceful person and rarely looses his 'cool'. Fun fact : he loves mountains and climbing them.


Lead designer

Design visionary and leader of north2's creative factory. Is the exact opposite of a stereotype designer. He is a world record holder in number of opened browser tabs. Fun fact : He does not own a single apple product.



Versatile graphic/web designer who still thinks she is a junior designer even though she handled numerous big-time projects. Fun fact : She was born with headphones and can handle 100+ dB.


Front-end developer

Sometimes less is more. He doesn't waste words, and usually when he speaks you can be sure it is something worth hearing. Enthusiastic about new technologies, especially if related to front-end development. Fun fact : even though he drives to work more than 60 kilometers, he is never late :)


Web developer

2 in 1 kind of developer, front-end, back-end, you name it! He swimms in both directions simultaneously and still manages not to drown :) Fun fact: many have tried to fool him, one way or the other, yet none has succeeded!

David Felbar

Front-end developer

Leon Abramović

UI/UX Designer

Let's Work Together!

We are always happy to answer questions, listen to new ideas, and meet new and interesting people



Petračićeva ul. 6
10000 Zagreb

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